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  • Gary C. reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic
    The Best
    Our family has been using RC for a number of years. Always friendly and efficient at providing the relief that is needed. Professional yet an inviting, relaxed atmosphere. You won’t regret it.
  • Karen B. reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic
    I find it amazing what Renaissance chiropractic has done for my low back pain and neck pain. I went to MSU Osetopathic Manipulative Medicine clinic in Lansing and was told they couldn't help me as my problem wasn't musculoskeletal. I found RC on my insurance find a provider page. I was meant to find a miracle so close to home. Don't know why i chose them but am glad I did. Very happy.
  • Ericka A. reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic
    Wonderful center
    After going to about 5 different chiropractors, I finally found someone (Dr. Mazen Abdelmalik ) who could actually help me. He always greets you with a smile, and has a genuine warmth that many medical professionals do not have. Dr. Mazin and his staff make you feel like friends and family. And As far as chiropractic care, he is gentle and he always goes beyond the call of duty. Even though, he has many patients, he makes sure to give you all the individual attention you deserve. In addition, he is concerned about your total healthcare. One day, I was feeling weak because of another health issue, and he followed up with me later to make sure I was okay, and make sure I was getting all the right resources outside of my chiropractic care. In addition, his support staff is great and do a great job of making sure you are relaxed before your adjustment.
  • Sabrina P. reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic
    Great Place!
    Very knowledgeable caregivers and super friendly staff. The service here is STELLAR!! You will receive the very best in chiropractic care. Minimal wait time, and personalized experience, you will not be disappointed!
  • Sabrina P. reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic
    This entire practice goes above and beyond... From the staff to the physicians, everyone is committed to making sure patients have a great experience!! Always friendly and efficient, highly recommended!!
  • Joann T. reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic
    Great Service
    THIER Ploite always has a. Smile on THIER face . They always greet you. Make you feel comfortable.
  • Timothy M. reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic
    Great service
    It is always a pleasant experience when you go there.
  • Craig J. reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic
    Great Pain Relief !!!!
    After years (and I do mean years) of putting up with progressive back pain, a friend talked me into to going to Renaissance Chiropractic. On my first visit they did X-rays, explained my issues, set a treatment plan, and did my first adjustment. Since then I have found incredible relief! There are also times when we all get stressed out and tend to hold my stress in my shoulders and neck. When that happens, they do a neck adjustment and I get immediate relief. Do not wait if you are in pain--head to Renaissance Chiropractic and let Dr. Khaled Elganainy and Dr. Mazen Abdelmalik and their friendly yet highly trained staff give you the care that you will regret having waited for!
  • Kevin N. reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic
    Get you inline lol
    Very nice staff very nice doctors they listen to your problems they address the problems as they need to be addressed never too busy to sit down and talk to you
  • Lisa B. reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic
    Miracle Workers!
    My son and I came to Renaissance Chiropractic in mid 2018. I had problems with my back & neck and my son had problems with his legs. After one visit there were noticeable differences, I could stand up straight without being in pain and my son could run with no problems! I've tried everything to deal with my pain and Dr. Mazin listened to my needs and made a treatment plan. If it wasn't for him and the staff there, my son and I wouldn't have been able to make new memories over the summer because we couldn't have traveled with the pain. When you're at Renaissance Chiropractic you are treated like an old friend, like family.
  • Jason I. reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic
    Awesome place an staff
  • Stephanie M. reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic
  • Karen B. reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic
    Several doctors told me nothing could be done for my excruciating low back pain from osteoarthritis. I have had only to visits here so far with excellent results! I am so happy!
  • Ragab A. reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic
    I have been a long time patient with Dr. Elganainy. I hurt my back several months ago and sought treatment. Dr. Elganainy took an x-ray to determine where the problem was. He was able to see the area I had injured and also saw some areas in my body Abdominal Aorta Aneurism that needed to be further evaluated. I went to the Neurosurgeon to be further evaluated. I'm so glad that Dr. Elganainy was able to see this on the x-ray and advise me to seek medical attention. His ability to read these x-rays has saved me from many future health problems. Thank you!
  • Kamilia N. reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic
  • Keenan reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic
    Love it
  • Eman H. reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic
    I have been getting adjusted at Renaissance Chiropractic for about 15 years. Even though I have moved, I still make it a point to come to Michigan and get adjusted here. Khaled is the best chiropractor I have ever had. In a matter of minutes, he diagnosed my scoliosis, adjusted me, and gave me strategies for helping my posture. Anytime I am sick, or sore, of feel out of balance, Khaled adjusts me and gets me right back on track. HIs approach is simple yet effective. He relies on gravity and pressuring just in the right spots to release any of the tension I have. In addition, I am able to get relaxing massages here, and pick up on the newest techniques and products to keep me balanced. I highly recommend Renaissance won't be able to stop coming!
  • Ronald S. reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic
    These guys take the best care of you. I get in for my appointment and get the best care and I don't have to wait, and I get the best pain management care possible.
  • Karima reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic
    Great clinic and customer service. Very professional and caring doctors
  • Cindy P. reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic
    I've been seeing Dr. El Ganainy and Dr. Abdelmalek for some time now. You will never find better, caring, and professional doctors. Their staff is amazing . This is definitely a 10 + office.
  • Theresa M. reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic
    Good Afternoon.. I was so excited with my experience today. The doctors and staff were so helpful and informative. I'm going to make this a priority in my future spine and massage care. 😊😊😊
  • Eddie C. reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic
    So great!!
  • Marianne K. reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic
    Great Place!
    Very relaxing... it's almost like a spa! I think they have scented candles because it always smells soo good there! They have a water bed massager, chair massager, and various hand held massagers to make you feel great! Dr. Abdelmalek (I call him Doc) is amazing! I had a pinched nerve and after a few spinal adjustments, the pain was all gone! Jessica and the rest of the staff are so friendly and nice. I love going there!
  • Maria H. reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic
    Therapy & chiropractor visits
    I have not found any other place that treats you and helps heal u better than the people at renaisance chiropractor. I would refer anyone i know here.
  • Mp reviewed Renaissance Chiropractic